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Let’s try Tank Battle Alpha Test and be one of the firsts to play the hottest NFT Game in 2022 😎

👉 👈

🗝 To create an account and partake, hold at least 250 TBL

💎Explore the infinite:
– Each account will receive 7 random Tanks to create a formidable squad of your own!
-After the first week, your account will be reset, which means your current Tanks will be replaced with new ones.
– Medallion Race: Pass PvE maps to gain Gems as rewards – use them to upgrade your tanks or stash to climb the rank ladder.

🎁 Prize distribution for top 30 this week Medallion Race:
🥇Top 1: 6 Gem Boxes
🥈Top 2 – 3: 5 Gem Boxes each
🥉Top 4-10: 4 Gem Boxes each
🏅Top 11-20: 3 Gem Boxes each
🏅Top 21-30: 2 Gem Boxes each
🎖 5 Gem Boxes for 5 random players 🎇🎇

📌📌Please note that the reward rate in the Alpha test and the Boss’ power are not the same in the official game launch.

🌐 Follow Tank Battle:
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