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⏰ Time & Information:
β€’ Listing: 20:00 (UTC+7), 12/02/2022
β€’ Claiming: 20:10 (UTC+7), 12/02/2022
β€’ Vesting: 15% TGE then 15% monthly

πŸ€Link to Claim:
β€’ Private: here
β€’ MetaCelo community: here
β€’ CeloLaunch, InfinityPad, Gamiworld, SafeLaunch, TG DAO: here

πŸ€ Instruction:
1. Configure Meta Mask to CELO Network πŸ‘‰ Here
2. Go to Claim Page
3. Connect your wallet to App
4. Check claimable $cMETA
5. Claim $cMETA when it’s time
6. Trade on Sushi Swap with CELO Network

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Website | Twitter | Channel | Discord | Docs

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