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Warena has performed new updates on the website and mobile version of Warena 2D Survival Game.

☑️ New features:
+ Add notification on mobile when refill energy every day
+ Add button link to Warena tutorial
+ Optimize and improve performance

⚠️ Bug fixed:
– Challenge weekly ranking and reward
– Challenge point is not correct
– Challenge random stage difficulty
– User resource loss
– Rare level limit
– Pre-battle UI does not match with user data
– Daily quest “Finish Battle”*

*You must meet the final screen (either win or lose) or it won’t count as a “finish” battle
Updated the game and continue your earning now 👇

▶️ Android:
▶️ iOS:
▶️ Web:

➡️ Game Guide
➡️ How to earn in Warena
➡️ Contact for support

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