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1️⃣ The reward pool is up to 500.000 $TBL
With at least 1 Legendary Tank, you can get up to 46.67 $TBL/day, imagine if you have all the boxes and tanks of different rarity levels 🤑
The pool size left is not much, stake your NFTs now!

2️⃣ What can you get out of $TBL?
The listing of TBL is coming real soon on DEX exchanges as it will be much more beneficial for both Tank Battle’s NFT holders and TBL token holder! ↗️

3️⃣ One note is that the 10BNB-worth Badge of Satoshi still hasn’t got anyone to claim! What other ways better than open your Mega Boxes, combine your tanks, put them on for staking and have a chance to earn 10BNB if your Mega Box drop out the Badge???

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