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🔥After the successful testing for MVP of DeHR Dapp, DeHR has just informed their DeHR Dapp Beta Launching!

👉The Beta test phase will start on 29th December 2021, and complete by end of March 2022. It will be a very important period for the product as they will have our opinions and feedback to adjust for the Official DeHR Platform go live in the next period!!

For the Beta, you will see lots of changes from the previous version, including new UI/UX, more Gamefi/Socialfi experiences, and new features.💯💯💯

The most important thing is, you can find real jobs in this version as they already have more than 50 companies/projects in Fintech and Crypto lining up to recruit talents!!!

The details for the Beta Test and many more will be published before this Xmas!!

Don’t forget the Staking Pool for both BEP20 and KRC20 fans will go live in next few days!!!

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