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🐍For the purpose of cheering and creating Snakers excitement before the PvE Mainnet launching event on Feb 27, Cowboy Snake will public Beta-Test for community now, everyone can join this event to get more experiences and rewards.

📍How to participate?
– Join Cowboy Snake Telegram channels: Global Group or Vietnamese Group
– Fill in your information in this form

📍How to get rewards?
– Top 5%: get 15 boxes/person
– Top 10%: get 10 boxes/person
– Top 15%: get 5 boxes/person
– 70% of the remaining players will receive 1 box/person

🎁The Silver Boxe includes 1000 RIM or Egg NFTs or Egg piece NFTs

⏰ Time: 12AM 17 Feb – 12AM 26 Feb

100% chance for Snakers to get rewards if you kill at least 5 snakes/turn and share score screenshot in PUBLIC mode on your Facebook (required) and Cowboy Snakes Telegram channels: Global Group & Vietnamese Group (optional).

🌐 Follow CowboySnake:
Website  |Global Info Channel  |Vietnamese Info Channel | Twitter | Youtube | Discord | Facebook

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