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🎁Only 1 day until MetaRacers Box opening sale:
👉Time: 1 PM, 2022, Jan 05 UTC until sold out.
👉Price: 100 MRS/box
👉 Quantity: 1,500 boxes
👉Each account can buy up to 10 Boxes!
👉First come first serve, SO BE QUICK

✅In each MetaRacers Box there are:
🔸60% chance for Common, 32% for Epic, and 8% for Legendary.

💥The first batch of MetaRacers Box will be at the lowest price possible to show appreciation to the community that has supported and trusted MetaRacers over recent times and to ensure the benefits of early buyers.

💥Amount of boxes for the next batch is unconfirmed, but the price will be higher than the first one.

🌐 MetaRacers Social Media:
Website | Telegram Channel | Vietnam Group  | Fanpage Facebook | Twitter | Youtube 

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