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CoinLAB is hosting an AMA session with Calo at 21:00 UTC+7 tomorrow – November 30th, 2021 

Venue: CoinLAB YouTube Official Channel

💰Total rewards: $100

      – $40 for 2 best questions under CoinLAB’s tweet (like, retweet & comment)

      – $60 for 3 best questions during LIVE AMA + @user telegram

🧓 Guests:

        Ronald –  CoinLAB CoFounder

       Tri Nguyen – Calo CTO

⭕️ Note:

 Join AMA event to be eligible for CoinLAB private pools.

 – Please follow the rules of asking questions.

Good luck to everyone!

🌐 CALO’s Social Media:

Website |  Facebook|Twitter | Youtube | Colo Chat | Vietnamese Community | Vietnamese Channel | Medium

🌐 CoinLab’s Social Media:

Twitter |Telegram chat|Telegram channel |Youtube| Discord

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