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Crypto Piece just kicked off the new concept of Initial Warrior Offering, which we believe will become a completely new standard for the DeFi Warrior community.

Time: 1PM UTC, 15th December 2021

About Crypto Piece IWO
🔹500 packages in total
🔹Each package includes 1 exclusive Crypto Piece NFT warrior + 2,000 BELLY token

Benefits for users
⚔️Access to warriors that cost much lower than in the NFT Marketplace
💎 Possession of Crypto Piece BELLY token that can go up 10 – 20 times in value
🎀 Opportunities to join special events with the exclusive warriors in the future to earn more rewards

Conditions of participation:
🔸Follow this link when IWO is launched:
🔸Own at least 1 warrior
🔸Stake 10,000 FIWA (locked for 14 days)
🔸Deposit an equivalent of $20 in FIWA to purchase a package

🌐 CryptoPiece’s Social Media:
Website | Telegram Group| Telegram Channel | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | TikTok

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