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It has already been 2 months since the day CoinLAB was established, CoinLAB has gradually asserted our position in the Crypto market. With the right direction and endless effort, we have attracted a number of domestic and international big partners. CoinLAB is growing stronger everyday thanks to the contribution of the community. Our motto is always listening and prioritizing the benefits of the community.

Therefore, we decided to organize this contest as a thank you to the community that has accompanied CoinLAB in the past 2 months.

Contest theme: MOMENT

Describe your thoughts and true feelings about CoinLAB (examples: the feelings of participating Private Pools with CoinLAB team, what you think about our operation system or our team members,…). How did you know about CoinLAB? (through friends, social media, or even via this contest?). 

You can write in either English or Vietnamese; if you are good at creating memes – show us your creativity!

🗒️ 21 November, 2021 – 30 November, 2021. 

🏆 PRIZES & REWARDS: Total $1,000

🥇 2 Special prizes: $100 + CoinLAB T-shirt & becoming CoinLAB Family official members!

🥈 4 First prizes: $50 + CoinLAB T-shirt

🥉 10 Consolation prizes: $20 + CoinLAB T-shirt

👉 How to participate: 

📌 FACEBOOK (for written content)

Send your written content to our Facebook Fanpage Coinlab – Crypto Easygame together with your Telegram username and a photo (we will post this photo with your content on our Fanpage).

📌 TWITTER (for meme)

Like & Quote tweet this Contest’s post with your meme and hashtag #CoinLAB. 

Marking Criteria: 

 ⁃ CoinLAB highly appreciate members with good writing skills and show emotions through your writings.

 ⁃ We will mark your work and decide the winners based on 2 criteria:

 + Best content writings or creative memes

 + Content with the most likes, shares & retweets (on both channels)


 ⁃ Your content must be your own creation, copy and plagiarism are not allowed.

 ⁃ Your content should be free of any brand’s logo, links, products, websites,…

 ⁃ You are considered as cheating if using cheating tools to increase interaction for your posts.

 ⁃ CoinLAB will remove all unqualified contents without advance notice.

Great rewards of monetary, souvenirs and chance to become CoinLAB family members, what are you waiting for? Just join now!!!

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