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🤫 CALO has revealed some of their important events in January, 2022.

👨‍💻 Debuting dApp and Blind Box: Do you remember Blind Box, which stores Flame egg in?
Are you curious about what remaining items are stored in a 📦 Blind Box? There are 2 more kinds of valuable eggs covered in the box. Let’s guess their names and features with CALO.

📲 The first version of CALO app – MVP – will debut.
Did you miss CALO IDO? This is the chance for you to take part in CALO challenges and get $CALO tokens – You can get 💲 #tokens from your calories burned in MVP. Hard work paid off 🧗‍♀️ Practice now!!!

🌐 CALO’s Social Media:
Website  | Facebook |Twitter  | Youtube  | Calo Chat  | Vietnamese Community  | Vietnamese Channel  | Medium

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