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🔥🔥 ONLY 600 BOXES for the fastest and smartest investors.
⏰ 3PM UTC December 30, 2021 to 3PM UTC December 31, 2021
💰 Prepare at least 500 $CALO Token in your wallet to own this GACHA box right away.
👉 As shared, Calo Metaverse is a pioneer in the application of NFTs in sports activities.
👉 There is one thing we can believe, when participating in sports tournaments at Calo Metaverse, along with NFTs, players will receive more than they think. Not only health, experience but also more money.
👉 Monetary Machine for sports players is right here. Whoever owns monetary machines first, will become rich quickly.
👉 Note that, if you want to own these eggs later, you can only buy them on the NFTs market. The opportunity only comes once so don’t be missed.

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