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🍀Connect To Earn (C2E) which offers many attractive rewards for those who participate and grow their connection in DeHR. The more you get connected, the more rewards you can get from both DeHR and the community.

Beyond that, DeHR act as a “One stop solution” platform where people can now sell/buy services to/from all experts around the world related to learning and training courses, tuition sponsorship, resume templates, industry reports, market survey etc.

🍀And what’s about $DHR?
🔹$DHR can be also called a “”Career Token”” which is targeted to be used by the global labor market.
🔹$DHR will be a more affordable, globally accessible & accepted means of payment in DeHR DApp.
🔹$DHR is used on Marketplace to exchange data such as contact information, health records, financial records, interests etc…”

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