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⏰Time: December 17-21 Dec 2021 at 5PM UTC
🎁Reward: 50 $COWS/each
🎰Random selection: 1000 people
🗓Distribution: January 2022

Make sure to follow these steps below to get Airdrop rewards from Cowboy Snake:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Search for Cowboy Snake (COWS)

Step 3. Add Cowboy Snake to your public CoinMarketCap watchlist:

Step 4. Screenshot your watchlist

Step 5. Like Cowboy Snake  Facebook Page

Step 6. Save the Airdrop Campaign picture in this post (or you can download HERE )

Step 7. Create a post on you personal page including: screenshot of CoinmarketCap watchlist & our Airdrop picture.

Step 8. Tag 3 friends + tag Page Cowboy Snake @CowboysnakeNFTGame
Including the hashtag: #CowboySnake #COWS #RIM

Step 9. Fill in the FORM  to confirm that you have completed all the above steps to receive the Airdrop reward from Cowboy Snake.

🐍 CowboySnake’s Social Media:
Website  |Global Info Channel  |Vietnamese Info Channel | Twitter | Youtube | Discord | Facebook

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