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Watch the detailed review of CowboySnake on CoinLAB’s Youtube channel:

🥰 Cowboy Snake is inspired by the famous Snake Games. With simple gameplay, with mouse clicks panning around the map, Cowboy Snake will bring you great experiences.

🔸 The team is verified, has a lot of experience & has been successful in many previous blockchain projects, including GameFi project.

🔸Snake game is being livestreamed by many Gamers and Streamers daily.

🔸There are 2 tokens in Cowboy Snake ecosystem, has a good mechanism to reduce inflation. There is a mechanism to increase tokens for holders.

🔸The number of NFTs is limited.

🔸 Super big weekly prizes.

🐍 CowboySnake’s Social Media:
Website  |Global Info Channel  |Vietnamese Info Channel | Twitter | Youtube | Discord | Facebook

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