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🐍 Cowboy Snake is a game inspired by Snake game, that is, each player will control his snake to eat food that appears around and fight with snakes controlled by other players.

👀 Search the keyword “snake game” or “slither”, you can easily see millions of different results proving how popular this game series is.

👉 As revealed from the team, in the near future Cowboy Snake will have extremely outstanding partners/advisors, let’s wait for it.

🥰 If you have ever been passionate about the popular snake game during the lock-down time of the pandemic, you should try Cowboy Snake. The game not only brings exciting moments of entertainment, but also helps you earn money.

👉 Join the Airdrop now at: @CowboySnakeAirdrop_bot (From 16/11 to 16/12)

🐍 CowboySnake’s Social Media:
Website  |Global Info Channel  |Vietnamese Info Channel | Twitter | Youtube | Discord | Facebook

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