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Dragon Masters, you have only 1 day left to join the INO Whitelist to increase your chance of owning valuable NFT boxes that you desire.

🔥 Join now:

🔔 End: 01:00 PM (UTC), December 24th

♦️ Entry requirements:
1. Complete all required tasks of whitelist properly
2. Hold a minimum of 100 COGI
3. Invite your friends to participate. The more, the better

♦️ TOP 1000 players with the highest scores and meet all of the requirements will be selected

♦️ Benefits of being whitelist selected:
1. Being able to buy INO at a more appealing price
2. Being able to make the purchase an hour early than the community does
3. Being able to buy unlimited amount of available boxes
4. Being able to continue buying boxes after the first 60 minutes (if there is any left)

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