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🔥“DEFIHORSE X-CITES UR X-MAS”: Most attractive event this Christmas. Join the race, become #DeFiHorse’s spokesperson on social media, and win a SPECIAL XMAS GIFT BOX!

👉🏻What’s in the box?
The winner will receive one in TWO EXCLUSIVE ITEMS that can only be earned by joining the race.

👉🏻Items Function?
Using these mysterious items can INCREASE YOUR CHANCE TO WIN the race and get you closer to the $1,000,000 prize pool of DeFiHorse World Championship.

👉🏻What will the LIMITED NFT ITEMS be?
The secret box is about to be opened. Could it be HORSE WINGS? Or MAGICAL REINS?

🎉Stay tuned to find out! See how to join #DeFiHorseXCitesUrXmas HERE !
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