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🎁REWARDS: 10 prize: $15/ each

⏰TIME: 13:00 11th Jan 2021 to 13:00 15th Jan 2021 UTC

🔸 Actively chatting/ contributing to the DEHR Tele Group:
🔸 The most active members will be decided by the total number of messages & the quality of messages posted in Telegram group between 11th Jan and 15th Jan.
🔸 They’ll only count comments that genuinely engage with our community on Telegram. Spamming will get you disqualified.

❗️ Icon messages, GIFs, FUD will not be counted.
❗️ Only discuss about DEHR.

🌐 DeHR’s Social Media:
Website  | Telegram Group  | Telegram Channel | Telegram VN Group  | Twitter  | Youtube  | Linkedin  | Facebook

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