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✨You need at least 1 warrior to start game, but we prefer to have 3 warriors to start, so you can have the advantage of aura skill

💧3 Small Box or 3 Big Box
With 15 $LUS for Small Box and 22 $LUS for Big Box, at least 45-66 $LUS, you can already own a basic squad to start a battle.

⭐️15 Big Box
15 Warriors in your team, it’s not too difficult to climb to a high rank. The price of a Big Box is 22 $LUS, so you need about 330 $LUS to challenge the BEST TEAM.

🔥7 Mega Box
This lineup is very POWERFUL, with the warriors from the Mega Box having three times the strength of the other generals. And if you’re lucky, you own Divine warriors, then almost 98% of the glory is in your hands!

Attention: It’s not easy to own 7 Warriors from Mega Box. The average Mega Box price on the marketplace is 300 $LUS, which mean you may need 2100 $LUS to have a full Mega Box team.

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