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⏰ Time: 1:00 PM UTC December 28th, 2021
🔥 1000 Sapphire Catboxes will be sold on:
🔥 5000 Sapphire Catboxes will be sold on other bases. Specific time will be announced later.

🔥Each wallet can buy 6 boxes in maximum.

👏What is inside 6000 Sapphire Catbox ⁉️
Each Sapphire Catbox contains random NFT Cat.
👉 Standard Cat: 5400
👉Alpha Cat: 360
👉Wild Cat: 240

– Price: 999 $NINO / 1 Sapphire CatBox
– Type: Public sale, first comes first serves.
– 50% income of sapphire box sale will be used to build a Staking Funds for players.
– The remains will be used for Marketing purposes and building digital Ninneko environment.
👉Staking funds will be officially released at January 2022.

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