About Us

CoinLAB – A dynamic social media community that helps crypto projects grow online. CoinLAB helps partners reach their target users through social media marketing.

CoinLAB offers social media services, including Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok marketing. The community helps partners grow online, save time and increase number of users / investors via social media and marketing. With unique, attracting and luxurious graphics design and intro clips, as well as videos reviewing on YouTube, CoinLAB helps to bring the partners’ projects to the vast community in the most visual way.

CoinLAB has experience with researching crypto projects for over 5 years. So far, CoinLAB has partnered with more than 15 startup projects for about one month active; including HeroFi, BombCrypto, Moniwar, Mech Master, My MasterWar, Warena, Meta Spatial, Dragon Kart, a few to name….


Our Services


CoinLAB offers two packages of marketing to our partners / customers: Standard Package and Premium Package


CoinLAB Ventures aims to search for potential moonshot projects and make Seed Round / Private Round Investments to support crypto startups and bring promising opportunities to our members / individual investors

Multi Media

CoinLAB is major in making graphics and videos that best visualizating our partners’ recognition features. 


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Core Team

Du Thinh

Head Of Community

Viet Nguyen

Head of Media


Head of Social